studioschübel, Die Agentur für zielsichere Kommunikation
The agency for communication that never fails to make its mark english deutsch

Company profile

Studio Schübel Werbeagentur GmbH,
located in Munich is a full service agency.

We have been in business successfully since 1981. We cater to all customer requirements, ranging from the concept to the draft, right up to production. Our areas of work include business reports, advertisements, brochures, flyers, posters, newsletters, events, CDs/DVDs, communication concepts, campaigns, Internet concepts and presence, to name a few. We also gladly execute production jobs (typesetting or DTP-work, litho, creation of graphics, scans, retouching of images, print, interactive media, etc.).

The scope of our activities is based on the individual demands of our customers.

We also provide consulting services to companies and we release advertisements, spots, etc. in all types of media on their behalf.

Our strengths:
• Thanks to our broad portfolio of customers, we have been successful in avoiding the “blinkered outlook” and are able to provide convincingly new and unconventional solutions, in tune with the needs of the target groups.
• Production for international customers (in various languages)
• Latest technical equipment and skills
• Security through high quality standards:
– ISO-Profile Fogra 27 and 29 v2 (colour management)
– ISO Standard 9660 (data handling)
– PDF-X3 (quality assurance in pre-flight)
– effective workflow management
• Customer oriented organisational structure
The size and composition of the project team is discussed and finalised with the customer,
to meet their individual demands, thus guaranteeing an optimum price to performance ratio.